A new paradigm in fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria

A new paradigm in fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria

Preventing tomorrow’s epidemics today

about BioPlx

BioPlx is an advanced microbiomics company developing non-antibiotic methods for the control of infectious disease, including multiple-drug resistant “superbugs”.

The company uses targeted microbiological and immunological agents to decolonize (eliminate) undesirable or pathogenic organisms, and then to recolonize with safe replacement organisms that durably occupy the same microbiomic niches, and so prevent pathogen recurrence.

BioPlx proprietary technology utilizes:

1) Highly selective (antibody-based) decolonization methods to remove specific pathogens from their embedded microbiomic niches, WITH

2) Durable, niche-specific, protective recolonization using safe engineered (Kill-Switch™) replacement organisms that cannot infect their host.

BioPlx is initially focused on control of hospital acquired (HA) and community acquired (CA) dermal (exobiomic) diseases, with an emphasis on preventing clinical disease occurrence or reoccurrence through the management of dermal and mucosal colonization.

The initial target of these methods has been for the management of:


MRSA – (methicillin-resistant S. aureus)


MSSA (virulent – methicillin-susceptible S. aureus)

BioPlx has also engineered safe replacement organisms for several Escherichia coli and Streptococcus strains, as well as developing additional methods for gastrointestinal and other mucosal environments.

Research and IP

New basic concepts in microbiome management and ecology including organisms, multi-organism (systems) strategies, molecular microbiomics, and support environmental/ matrix strategies


Product lines that satisfy medical practice, reimbursement, patient requirement, and public health objectives, while reducing disease recurrence and care provider liability/risk/matrix strategies

Product Development

Initially, efficacious and cost-effective, user-appropriate anti-MRSA and v-MSSA products for hospital, outpatient, and consumer environments


Innovations that deliver clinically effective microbiomics

Exobiome™ Ecology

Map functional intra-biome relationships to create transitional -> stable desired populations

Computational Biomics

Very high capacity computational and analytic methods to extract and correlate global data sets

Biota Development

Development of specialized organisms with specific attributes to occupy specific biome niches

Formulation Components

Additional nutrient, signaling and selective agents included to improve biome management

Support Matrix

Materials and structures used to contain, sustain, preserve and administer biome formulations

Product Attributes

Handling and product use characteristics required for HA, OP, and CA market segments

how it works…

BioPlx is a highly connected global organization, led by an exceptionally qualified management team and board with deep technical, entrepreneurial, and business experience. The company makes maximum use of new information and computational technologies to achieve cutting-edge technical and business strategies. The organization is designed to use both in-house and proprietary contract development and consulting strategies across the wide range of components and methods incorporated within this product line.

our vision

Innovations that move the needle on clinically effective microbiomics

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